How To Make Money with PLR?!

The picture above is from my last trip to Venice. Bellow you’ll find out how I make money for traveling and what is much more important – how you can do it too!

PLR, also known as Private Label Rights, is
kind of a special license which gives the buyer
the ability to edit and even claim authorship
of the product. These can come in many forms
like articles, reports, eBooks, eBook covers, and
even software.

Now, let’s talk a little bit about PLR articles.

These are a great way to get content for
your websites or blogs. That said, you have to
remember that these articles are not just exclusive
to one person. These are sold to a lot of people.

So, putting this content on your website without
making any changes can result in the issue of duplicity.

To avoid this, a lot of people opt for rewriting these articles.
The best part is, that you do not have to do any research. All
you have to do is rewrite the content. Sound’s easy right? It is!

Nowadays, webmasters need content all the time.
With no content, there is no traffic. This is where PLR
articles come in. These can help you generate content
for your blog in a matter of minutes.

Also, if you are too lazy to create your own merchandise,
just buy a PLR product. Tweak it a little bit and put your
name on it. Viola, you have your own product! The best part
about PLR products is that you can get these products for really

This is because they have been already sold to a lot of
people. The ones that you get for free might not be high
quality. So be careful before using them as content for
your blogs.

There are some PLR creators who only give out a certain
amount of license per products. This limits the overuse of products
which makes it more valuable.

Remember, the rights that you get with the licenses might
depend on the product creator. They will, in most
cases, state explicitly as to what you can and cannot
do with them. So make sure you read those and get into profit!

Well, my friend, now you can get 115 great PLR products
that I use to make extra money! Don’t forget, you can claim
the authorship for these products, just put your name on it!

Grab it now and do whatever you want


To Your Online Success,
Iva Espana

2 thoughts on “How To Make Money with PLR?!

  1. Iva, that’s absolutely right…I also use PLR’s to make money online. Your 115 PLR products are great (I got them for 5 bucks, you can now raise that price he he) I can personally recommend them to everyone! Thank you for the great post and keep up the good work! And… see you in Venice next year!

  2. I believe that may be one of many a lot important data personally. And i am fulfilled studying the post. Nevertheless will comments with few standard issues, The web site style is great, the articles or blog posts can be great : D. Good exercise, many thanks

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